My little project

Ok, here's the deal: I love to write. I think I've made that obvious by now. ^_^ I got into writing before I started writing fanfiction, and I've kept up with writing outside of fanfiction even now. Fanfiction has always been fun to do and I plan to keep up with it for a long time to come, but I also love writing things on my own. And now that I've improved my writing greatly from when I've started out and I feel I have an audience, I'm finally getting out my first book.

It's self-published. Right now I wish to skip all the doo-dah of looking for a publisher that will accept me and have them butcher anything I write to pieces because they don't like know. I hope to get officially published sometime in the future, but since the job of the publisher is to *create* an audience, I think for now I don't have to rip my hair out looking for them. I feel I have an audience: all of you.

Why I've published this tonight is to see if I truly *do* have an audience that would be interested in this in all of you. I'm not going to embarrass anyone into getting a copy of my book, but I'd like to see if anyone *would* like to. The first one I'm publishing is a short novel - slightly shorter than regular novels, but longer than a novella. Like some of my fanfics. It's not a romance, per se - it's got romance in it, but it's not the focus. It's more of a character story, it's emotional, and it's a love story of a different sense - I've had 5 beta readers so far, 4 of them being readers of my fanfiction, and 4 of the 5 really like it. In fact, 3 of them like it better than all the fanfiction I've done. ^_^ *insert blush here ^_^* The story is not yet complete, but I figure it will be done and published BEFORE THE END OF NOVEMBER - I'm quite far with it, though it needs a lot of revision and that takes time. The facts on this book are as follows:

1.) I'm having it done by a local publisher who will have it bound like a real paperback. It'll have a black and white cover of a drawing Amethist is doing - and she is a very talented and well-educated artist, so I doubt anyone will be disappointed. ^_^
2.) It will be, I'm guessing, between 50 and 100 pages. I have no idea the exact number until it's finished and revised, and to save money on publishing I may have to use a rather small font. Hopefully nothing that will cause everyone to squint. ^_-
3.) For anyone that would like to buy one, it would probably cost around $6. It seemed rather high to me when I found out, but being my first thing in self-publishing it costs me a lot to produce it. But, I hope none of you find that too unfair. Anyone that would want to order one would get it directly from me - I'll have a post office box for orders to be sent to, and I'll set up an order confirmation via e-mail to help people make sure everthing's going smoothly. If anyone felt like writing me a letter with their order, I would be happy to answer it and send it with the book. ^_^ Shipping and handling for the book shouldn't be too high - maybe a few dollars or so.

So, that's the deal. If anyone thinks they may be interested in purchasing a copy of my book, I would appreciate if you would e-mail me at to tell me so. If this works out, I would be happy to finish the book and have it published within the next month or two, and to keep you all posted until then of how it's coming along, maybe post a short outline to let you know more of what it's about, and perhaps scan the cover when it's finished. For anyone who fears it's going to be some far-out piece of writing because it's not a fanfic, don't worry - my writing style doesn't change THAT drastically when I'm writing non-fanfic pieces, and my story plots for my books aren't that different from my ones for fanfics. Namely, it won't *be* a fanfic, but if you like my fics, you'll probably like this. And, my book will have the luxery of heavy revision I rarely give my fanfics, and the plot I've chosen is very popular already - so, my book will probably be better than a fanfic. Sound good? I hope to hear from you - I'll keep you posted on what's going on, but please write me as soon as possible to tell me if you may be interested so I can feel this project is very much worth doing.

Thank you for your time, minna. Love you all! ^_^

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