Children of the Sky 


Have you ever met someone who seemed different? A boy, catching your eye in a crowd, a girl, the sun glancing off her hair and blinding you as she flashes a smile? Not dangerous, or threatening, just.... different. It seems they're always at the edge of your vision, and yet when you turn they're gone, as if they were never really there.

But no, it's nothing. A quick boy, a pretty girl. Nothing more than that, two figures in an endless world of faces.

Or, are they? These people, these children - are they really just nothing, random people in a thriving land? Or are they part of something bigger, grander, involved in a destiny of unbelievable proportions that you couldn't possibly - or possibly want to - comprehend?

Children of the Sky is a fantasy novel, and includes all the perks of such a genre - action, magic, romance, and more than a little mystery; don't be surprised if the book takes you for a few spins you didn't expect. The plot of the novel is very complex, and yet very simple at its basest level, so just wait until things play themselves out. You may be surprised when you find out what's really going on.

For those of you who have read my other writing, this book is the best finished piece I've done to date. If you like my fanfiction and Rain, you should enjoy Children of the Sky. The topic of Tamora Pierce came up on the Children of the Sky Mailing List, and I will say that the final product of Children of the Sky is somewhat similar stylistically to her newer works, although Children of the Sky is darker and more complex (please note that Tamora Pierce's works are appropriate for an audience of 13 and up or so).

There isn't much detail on the story posted for a very particular reason - this book was constructed in such a way that if the reader knows little about it beforehand, s/he should enjoy it more. Know that the book is quite dark at times, and contains both violence and adult themes - as a result, I would not recommend it to any reader under the age of 13. Many scenes and themes, though, are intended to be uplifting.



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