Children of the Sky 


Children of the Sky is 155 pages, and is sold for US$12 plus shipping and handling (see shipping and handling charges below). This price is higher than Rain's for many reasons, including the extra cost of illustrations, the extra pages expense, and higher printing prices. The book features a computer-drawn Star chart to help clarify the story, as well as a map and three illustrations by Amethist, who also did the cover's image. There are also author's notes, background information on the planet of Dalia, and text on the inside back cover (short biography of the author) and the outside back cover (information on the novel). The cover of the novel, design-wise more complicated than the simple cover of Rain, is a reflection of the extra detail that went into the layout of this book.

Shipping charges are as following:

Lower 48 states in America: $4

Canada and Mexico: $5

Again, higher shipping prices are due to higher costs; the book is thicker and therefore heavier than Rain, and all books are shipped First Class (or Air Mail if outside the lower 48 states) in a padded envelope to ensure safety. For those of you who ordered Rain, you probably remember that it was shipped in a thin paper envelope. The more expensive padded envelopes for Children of the Sky are larger, thicker, and more protective. First Class gets the book to you (if you live in the lower 48 states) within about 3-4 days of when I send it, and I'll send most orders out within a week of when I receive the payment. I received a number of international orders with Rain, and I have the same policy with Children of the Sky: international orders are welcome, but please e-mail me for your shipping cost as it will be higher.

If you'd like to order a copy of Children of the Sky, please follow these steps:

1.) E-mail for a reservation

There is a limited number of these books, so you must have a book set aside for you before you send your payment. E-mail me at with the subject "Children Book Reservation" to make a reserve. On the e-mail, please include your name (or alias), your e-mail address, the general area where you live (state or province and country), and how many copies of the book you'd like to order (multiple copies of the book may have lower shipping costs; I'd have to check). I will e-mail you back within a few days with your reservation confirmation and how much your total cost with shipping and handling will be.

2.) Send payment

After you receive your confirmation e-mail, you can send a check, money order, or cash (sending cash is at your own risk) to:

Lianne Sentar

P.O. Box 271815

West Hartford, CT


Please remember that all payments must be in US$. If you're from outside the United States, I can't accept personal checks, and money orders must be International. With your payment, please include the name you want the book made out to, the address you want the book sent to (this can be a school or other public place if you want to keep your address unknown), your e-mail address, and your age (optional). You can also include a note to me if you'd like, as I'm usually able to answer the letters that come with book orders. I sign, number, and write messages in every book, so if you're giving it as a gift, don't be shy - tell me if you want me to write a birthday message to your best friend Heather in it, I'd love to. ^_^ All this ordering information will be sent to you via e-mail as well. Forgive me if this sounds overly complicated, but I'm going into great detail so nobody will be confused.

3.) Enjoy the book ^_^


These pages, Children of the Sky, and all related previews, excerpts, pictures, etc. are Copyright © Lianne Sentar, September 2000 unless otherwise stated. Illustrations and cover art for Children of the Sky and copies of said art used on this website are Copyright © Amethist, September 2000.