Children of the Sky 



Children of the Sky, the second novel in the Wishing Star series, was completed in the summer/fall of 2000. A complex fantasy tale that incorporates many themes pertaining to life and humanity, the novel has received excellent feedback, and, besides being a staple in the writing presentations I give around Connecticut, was featured in The Playwickian, the school newspaper of a satisfied reader. Although Children of the Sky is not related to Wishing Star Book #1: Rain, many of those who enjoyed Rain enjoyed Children of the Sky as well. Children of the Sky is for an older audience than Rain (Children of the Sky isn't recommended to readers under the age of thirteen), is about 50% longer, and features, to put it simply, better writing than that of Rain, which was written in 1998.

I'd also like to thank everyone for being so patient with me. This book was originally intended to come out in the summer of 1999, so, as you can see, the final release date ended up being much later than I had planned. Still, I had remarkable support from my fans every step of the way, and that invaluable aid is really what helped me finish the project. To all you fans, thank you very, very much.

Progress updates from 7/1999-8/2000 can be found here.

Children of the Sky is still open for purchase.


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