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The Wishing Star Books

"I guess he ... just didn't think anyone would understand."
-Jeremiah, Rain

Update as of Sunday, May 9th, 2004:

Despite the fact that I'd really like to write Book #3, I'm still too busy professionally to work on Wishing Star these days. Children of the Sky is still open for purchase, but Book #3 is still on hold. One day!

Current Update Schedule: Varied; see Updates

What are the Wishing Star Books?

I'm currently writing a series of books, self-published right now, and am offering them for sale online - this series is called, collectively, "Wishing Star." I've loved writing for years, and after enjoying success with my online fanfiction and the published Sailor Moon novels (you guys are the best ^_^), I've decided to dedicate much of my time to a series of original books. The Wishing Star series is a collection of stories that have nothing to do with each other; they're not sequels, and they range all over the spectrum of emotion, plot, and writing style. You may want to read The Proposal that I put online several years ago to see if fans would support my self-published work. The response I got was spectacular, and I'm very pleased I went through with the project.

Check out the pages dedicated to each book in the series. And, of course, have fun. ^_^

Wishing Star Book #1: Rain

Rain, the story of the little orphan girl who discovered herself through discovering others, is the first book of the Wishing Star series. Written in Summer/Fall 1998, it was printed and enjoyed wonderful success throughout 1999 with four printings due to demand from fans both online and offline. All copies are currently sold out, but there's a chance I may do another printing or something similar in the future; any interested persons may e-mail me at to be put on a list that will be informed (via e-mail) if Rain becomes available in the future. For an official preview of Rain and to see what's it all about, go to my Rain Page for more details. (Page currently down, to be redone in the future maybe?)

Wishing Star Book #2: Children of the Sky

Completed as of September 4th, 2000, this book is a meticulously crafted fantasy tale that involves themes regarding many of the dark facets of life. An action/drama with mystery and intrigue, this book has received excellent feedback from satisfied readers. Find out more on the Children of the Sky Page. 

Wishing Star Book #3: To be announced

Story has been decided on. More information on this third book will be released in the future.

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