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If you're wondering what these books are all about, look no further. This page is intended to answer any questions you may have about the Sailor Moon novels. If you have a question I don't answer here, don't hesitate to e-mail me at and I'll do my best to try and help you out.

Please Note: The cover for book #7 on is currently incorrect; the actual cover features Sailor V. Also, links have been temporarily removed because of a change on the company's website.

Sailor Moon Novels FAQ

How do I get these books?

You can get them at your local comic store, book store, or specialty store--they're published throughout North America. You can also order them from the Internet. Cover price is $4.95; please note that these are not the Sailor Moon graphic novels (the graphic novels are the Sailor Moon comic book/manga). If someone at your local book store is having trouble locating these novels, look below for the title and ISBN # of each book. The Sailor Moon novels are published by, a Mixx Entertainment Inc. company (although one may have to search under the publisher "Mixx" to find it on a book store computer or on the Internet).

Store Ordering:

If a certain store you're looking in doesn't carry the books, you can always ask if the store will order in some copies for you. ISBN #'s are the codes that make ordering much easier for everyone involved. The ISBN #'s of the current Sailor Moon novels are:

Sailor Moon the novel #1: A Scout is Born, ISBN # 1-892-21311-7
Sailor Moon the novel #2: The Power of Love, ISBN # 1-892-21313-3
Sailor Moon the novel #3: Mercury Rising, ISBN # 1-892-21318-4
Sailor Moon the novel #4: Mars Attacks, ISBN # 1-892213-27-3
Sailor Moon the novel #5: Eternal Sleep, ISBN # 1-892213-33-8
Sailor Moon the novel #6: Scouts on Film, ISBN # 1-892213-37-0
Sailor Moon the novel #7: Cel Mates, ISBN # 1-892213-49-4
Sailor Moon the novel #8: Diamond's Not Forever, ISBN # 1-892213-61-3

Internet Ordering:

There are plenty of places to order books online. carries the novels (though please see note at top of page about errors) and features discounts on them. The links below will take you directly to the ordering page for each book:

Sailor Moon the novel #1: A Scout is Born - order from
Sailor Moon the novel #2: The Power of Love - order from
Sailor Moon the novel #3: Mercury Rising - order from
Sailor Moon the novel #4: Mars Attacks - order from
Sailor Moon the novel #5: Eternal Sleep - order from
Sailor Moon the novel #6: Scouts on Film - order from
Sailor Moon the novel #7: Cel Mates - order from (cover is currently incorrect; actual cover features Sailor V)
Sailor Moon the novel #8: Diamond's Not Forever - order from

Are these books kiddish?

The reading level is for Grade 4, ages 8-12, but don't let that fool you. I already know many people above that age group that have sampled the series and have enjoyed it; a lower reading level doesn't mean it can't have depth. The fashions and products relating to the main characters mostly appeal to teenage girls in America.

These books are based on the show? Does that mean they'll have the unaired episodes that never hit American TV?

So far, all unaired episodes in the early part of the TV series have been included. The plots for Book #1, Book #2, and Book #7 all include stories from one or more unaired episode(s).

Does that mean these books are going to be faithful to the Japanese series? If I'm a diehard fan of the Japanese series, will I like these books?

Being "faithful" is often subjective. In some ways these books are very much like the Japanese show, in some ways like the NA show, in some ways like the manga; basically, the novels take the styles of many elements of the Sailor Moon anime and manga and meld them to create a new, interesting style. NA names are used. Although the basic plot of the books follows the TV series, the Sailor Moon novels embellish some points, cut down others, and put a new spin on the TV show. The books are similar to fanfiction while still sticking to the television plotline quite faithfully. Sailor Moon fans (not to mention anyone who wants an exciting female super-hero book series) can really get a kick out of it.

The first few books are a bit goofy. Is the whole series going to be like that?

Absolutely not. The beginning of the show was goofy, so a goofy beginning is appropriate--it's intended to be a fun, humorous start to the series. The Sailor Moon anime gets much more serious as time progresses, so you can expect the books to as well. Although, keep in mind, the pace of these books is fast, so I won't be writing the long and tedious drama I sometimes fell into in my earlier fanfiction days like with "Usagi and Mamoru's Love: Strike" and "Surfacings: Desperation".

This is the first time you've been officially published. How do you feel about doing these books?

Very good. This is what we've all hoped for: a fanfiction author writing published Sailor Moon books for the fans. I haven't written fanfiction for years for nothing; I'd like to think I'm very comfortable writing in the Sailor Moon world.

Does this mean you won't write fanfiction anymore?

You still see me posting, don't you? ^_^ My fanfiction comes out a lot slower than it used to, but it's still progressing. Despite everything I'm still trying to write fanfiction because my fans have been the best support any writer could ask for. I love you all very much.

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