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The Published Sailor Moon Novels

"You hurt two children who are involved in a blossoming love. I am Sailor Moon Champion of Justice, and in the name of the Moon, you're punished."
-Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon the novel #6: Scouts on Film

Update as of Sunday, May 9th, 2004:

No updates since the last. Don't forget to check the FAQ page for, well, everything. Thanks!

If any new information about these books ever comes up, I'll post it right here. I've received countless e-mails asking about future novels, and to that, I say.... I don't know. As most of you know, the most recent Sailor Moon novel to hit bookstores was Book 8, which came out quite some time ago. The books' publisher, Tokyopop, hasn't assigned me a novel since then, nor is there a definite "yes" or "no" as to whether there will be more novels for me to write in the future. If you want more novels, the best thing I can think for you to do is to e-mail Tokyopop at and let them know you're enjoying the novels, or you hope there'll be more, or whatever it is you feel. Letting the publisher know the novels are in demand certainly can't hurt. ^_^ A fan mentioned to me there have been other Sailor Moon novels by Tracy West (Pokemon novels author) showing up, and, indeed, I found the Sailor Moon books written by Ms. West which seem to be published by Scholastic. The books she writes are for a younger audience--ages 4-8, while the Tokyopop novels I wrote are for ages 8-12--and start at the beginning of Sailor Moon R, rather than at the beginning of the first season of Sailor Moon like the Tokyopop novels. Thank you, Brandi, for bringing those books to my attention.

Current Update Schedule: Varying, stay tuned to Updates Page.

I am writing the Sailor Moon novel series for Tokyopop, a Mixx Entertainment Inc. company, published throughout North America and currently available in your local book store.

You may have already seen these books--the above picture is the cover of Book #8 (#8 is the newest; please don't take the cover pictures as I'm using them with special permission.) The Sailor Moon books are a series of novels (not comics!) following the basic plotline of the TV series of Sailor Moon. Book #1, "A Scout is Born", is written by Stuart J. Levy, and Book #2, "The Power is Love", is written by Stuart J. Levy and me. Book #3, "Mercury Rising", and books after Book #3 are written by me alone.

I wrote an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list that contains details about the novels' content, how I feel about writing them, and DETAILED ORDERING INFORMATION that explains how to get the novels from your local book store or off of the internet. Check out the FAQ for all your Sailor Moon novel needs!

The Sailor Moon Novels FAQ.

Enjoy the books! ^_^

This page and all of its contents copyright copyright © Lianne Sentar, May 2000 and July 2002. Sailor Moon copyright © 1999 Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha Ltd., Toei Animation Co., Ltd, and the written text in the Sailor Moon books is copyright © 1999 Mixx Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. English adaptation of the animated series created by and copyrighted © 1995 DIC Productions, LP. The preceding are disclaimers in the front of Book #2. Pictures of covers used by permission of, a Mixx Entertainment Inc. company.