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About Lianne

"When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking."
-Albert Einstein

Update as of Thursday, May 12th, 2005:

Revised and expanded a bunch of stuff below; I'll keep adding to this page over time. Thanks!

Varying; stay tuned to Updates Page for announcements.

Basic Stats

Name: Lianne Sentar (pen name)
Age: Currently, 23
Occupation: Writer/Geek Social Butterfly
School: Wesleyan University (CT), Saint Joseph College (CT), Bachelor's of Science degree in chemistry in honors from Saint Joseph College in May 2004
Ethnicity/Religion: Muslim of mostly Mediterranean blood
Likes: My friends and family, sleeping, hugging, dreaming (especially lucid), fighting and strategy video games, hot peppers to the point of being on medication for it,
The Living End because they make my life better, Tokyopop because they keep making my dreams come true, and asparagus, king of the vegetables long may he reign. I'm also a huge fan of selected anime (Japanese Animation) and manga (Japanese comics) titles.
Dislikes: People who don't believe in platonic love anymore, rudeness, and bad habits.
Favorite Anime: The Vision of Escaflowne (PG-13)
Favorite Manga: Hands Off!, aka Sono Te Wo Dokero, AKA Off Your Hand! (PG-13/R)

Favorite Video Game: The Dead or Alive series, Fire Emblem
Favorite Book: The Black Cauldron by Lloyd Alexander

(more information available here)


  • Sailor Moon novels (Tokyopop): Volumes 2-8, COMPLETE FOR NOW
  • Digimon manga English adaptation (Tokyopop): Volumes 1-11, CURRENT
  • Vision of Escaflowne manga English adaptation (Tokyopop): Volumes 1-8, CURRENT
  • B't X manga English adaptation (Tokyopop): Volumes 1-16, CURRENT
  • Saiyuki manga English adaptation/associate editing (Tokyopop): Volumes 1-9, CURRENT
  • Hands Off! manga English adaptation (Tokyopop): Volumes 1-8, CURRENT
  • Saiyuki Reload manga English adaptation (Tokyopop): Volumes 1-4+, CURRENT
  • Kamichama Karin manga English adaptation (Tokyopop): Volumes 1-5+, CURRENT
  • Slayers prose editing (Tokyopop): Volumes 4-6+, CURRENT
  • Various articles for Anime Insider magazine (Wizard): Articles, COMPLETE AND CURRENT
  • Self-Published Wishing Star Books

  • Children of the Sky: COMPLETE AND FOR SALE
  • Featured In:

  • March 2000 issue (Issue 2-2) of SMILE magazine
  • Hartford Courant newspaper
  • The Top 25 Usagi/Mamoru Fanfics of 1999
  • Volume 6 of Moonstone Tablet - Sailor Moon Universal Newspaper
  • Wesleyan Alumni Magazine
  • The Lunar Chronicles Valentine Issue 2001 (website and newsletter not for young and/or impressionable audience; contains PG-13 and up material)
  • 8 spots on Kel's 2001 Top 101 Sailor Moon Fanfic Moments (list not for young and/or impressionable audience; contains PG-13 and up material)
  • Playwickian school newspaper (Spring 2001)
  • Saint Joseph College Outlook Magazine (Winter 2004)
  • Many other personal/archive websites (didn't keep count ...)


  • West Hartford Public Library (December 1998)
  • Roaring Brooke Elementary School, Avon, CT (May 2000)
  • West Hartford Public Library - Celebrate West Hartford (June 2000)
  • Borders Books and Music, Livingston, NJ (July 2000)
  • Borders Books and Music, Manchester, CT (September 2000)
  • Duffy Elementary School, West Hartford, CT (November 2000)
  • Waldenbooks, Farmington, CT (November 2000)
  • Student panel behind author Lee Child, Wesleyan University (Fall 2000)
  • Duffy Elementary School, West Hartford, CT (January 2001)
  • Lucy Robbins Welles Library, Newington, CT (April 2001)
  • Otakon anime convention (attendance 12,000), Baltimore, MD (July 2002)
  • Farmington Public Library, Farmington, CT (October 2002)
  • Groton Public Library, Groton, CT (December 2002)
  • RIT Springfest, Rochester, NY (April 2003)
  • Connecticon anime convention, West Hartford, CT (July 2003)
  • Otakon anime convention, Baltimore, MD (August 2003)
  • Connecticon anime convention, West Hartford, CT (July 2004)
  • Otakon anime convention (attendance 20,000), Baltimore, MD (July 2004)
  • Farmington Public Library, Farmington, CT (April 2005)
  • Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Toronto, ON, Canada (May 2005)

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